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The only one currency

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Opencoin is a digital currency startup poised at changing the global economy by enabling the world to transact with revolutionary digital currencies like bitcoin, ethereum, and litecoin.

By using their experience in internet technology, global finance, and digital payment systems, they are making digital transaction easier, safer and more convenient than ever.

Maxwell saw my work on Behance, and his initial remarks hinted on what they wanted for their brand. Following 2 Skype meetings with Max, his co-founder and some members of the Opencoin team, it was clear that their brand values were completely unique compared to the competition. We learned that while other companies are focused on payment and wallet, what is unique about Opencoin is its mission to change the global economy through digital currency technology. Discoveries like these are the perfect opportunity to implement thoughtful branding to position yourself as a one-of-a-kind business.

To encapsulate this mission, we chose the tagline "the only one currency the world needs". This gave us an imaginary prototype which stimulated some initial sketches, from which we found the Opencoin identity.

Thinking of how to change the economy of the world which is usually represented by the globe. We played around with circles, and there was it. The Opencoin values and mission encapsulated in one logo.

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